Private Yoga Classes

I focus on individual and small group lessons because I believe that personal commitment to your progress is done most essentially in an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and secure. In these private and semi-private lessons, the space is yours to ask questions, receive personalized treatment and hands-on adjustments, and experience a program that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and availability. This way, you can get the absolute most out of each lesson.

Note: Private yoga can be enhanced with ganja, if you would like to bring it.

You can come alone for a completely private lesson, which is good for people with specific health issues that they want to address through yoga therapy, or those who are more comfortable practicing one-on-one. /p>

Or, you can bring a friend or partner for a shared class. Primarily a solo-experience, shared classes can have some partner-work, which add fun and intimacy to the experience. I can tailor the shared classes to meet the specific needs of you and your partner/friend/lover, and I can adjust the practices for people who have different abilities and preferences.

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Open Yoga Classes

Because I started teaching yoga in small groups from my home, all the places I now teach at continue to have a personal, cozy vibe. My strengths are individual attention to correct alignment and providing my students with plenty of opportunities for inward journeying.

I take care in building relationships with my students, helping them develop a practice that is appropriate for them. I cater the open classes to the needs and preferences of my regulars, and I often take 'requests' for particular body parts or energy centres that would like attention. And because I offer classes from my home, the park, and consciously-run spaces, my yoga classes are some of the most affordable in the city!

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