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Nude Yoga for Women ~ with Dee Dussault

Every Thursday, except the last of each month; 6:30-8:00pm
'The Bliss Den' - 50 Camden street, unit 103, email or text for buzzer #
Love Exchange: $15/class or twenty classes for $200

Naked yoga is exactly what the name says. It’s about showing up and practicing with nothing but your ordinary and yet extraordinary animal body. This au natural class encourages you to embrace another layer of freedom in your yoga practice; it’s an opportunity to remove a large social barrier (clothing), - and then practice yogic awareness in an environment that embraces an even freer, more fully revealed Self.

This all-women class is a practice that holds an intention of a holy body free from shame, guilt and suffering. By removing our clothes we are encouraged to examine our bodies and our belief patterns. We let go more quickly of what is holding us back, and move more deeply into our truth and our bliss. Naked yoga practice is about accepting and revering the body as a temple in all of its shapes and sizes and celebrating the union of body and spirit. This practice removes the clothes and the identities we place on ourselves when we wear them. Naked yoga is about accepting the totality of the form of the body and immersing into the ecstasy and absolute potential of the body-soul union. Unlike other spiritual philosophies, practices, or traditions that work to transcend the body, this practice celebrates the materiality of the body fully with reverence, joy and abandon. This hatha/restorative style class is perfect for all levels of practice.

Sensual Love and Intimacy Retreat over the May long weekend!

Brighton, Ontario @ The Lotus Heart Centre (1.5hrs NE of Toronto)
May 18 at 4:00pm until May 21 at 7:00pm

Over the May long weekend, become a sensual, fulfilled, ecstatic lover while expanding your capacity to love and connect with yourself, others and the divine. 

With Dee Dussault of Follow Your Bliss and Atia of the Sexual Awakening Centre, ~ guest facilitators to be announced. 


4-7pm Arrive, enjoy studio space and 20 acres of land
7.00pm Tapas & Mingle 
8.00pm Goddess Puja 

7.30am Nude Yoga (w/ceremonial derobing practice)
9.00am Breakfast
9.45am Sensual sexual and meditative practices for self
1.00pm Lunch & free time
2.30pm Sensual sensitivity practices, devotional worship and 
partner practice
5.30pm Dinner
6.30pm Devotional sensual sexual practices with yoni massage for 
10.00pm Snacks and rest 

8.00am Partner Yoga
9.30am Breakfast
10.15am Sensual sexual and meditative practices for self 
1.00pm Lunch & free time
2.30pm Sensual sensitivity practices, devotional workshop and partner 
6.00pm Dinner
7.00pm God Puja
10.30pm Snacks and rest

8.00am Nude Partner Yoga (w/ceremonial derobing practice)
9.30am Breakfast
10.15am Closing practice
12.30pm Lunch & departure
2.00pm Go off into the world a sensual fulfilled lover!

Love Exchange: 
$550 if $200 deposit made by March 1st 
$595 if $200 deposit made by April 1st
$695 if paying after April 1st
Includes teachings, lodgings and food

Pay by email transfer to, or via cheque. Contact us for details. 


The Facilitators: 


A former professional athlete and an affinity for creative expression, Atia has been teaching a myriad of workshops, courses, and sports, for the last 13 years. Atia has spent the past five years professionally dedicating her time to support individuals and couples, helping expand their perspectives on sex, their bodies, and the wonderful things they can do with both. 

She is certified in Reiki, deep tissue massage, and has numerous coaching certifications. She is also pursuing her AASECT certification and yoga teacher training.

She was a speaker on the panel at the Guelph Sex and Sexuality Conference 2009. Between 2010-11 she has worked with Barry Komisaruk, Beverly Whipple and Nan Wise at Rutgers University aiding their research in female orgasm, female ejaculation, and was featured with them on The Discovery Channel’s documentary 'Why is Sex Fun?' - an hour long film exploring the female orgasm. She recently co-facilitated the inspiring and life-changing workshops on Alternative Sexual Lifestyles and Fantasies for Sir Wilfred Laurier University in 2011. 

Atia teaches yoga, is featured in instructional videos, and offers relationship coaching and healing opportunities for clients. Her experience teaching is broad, her travels are extensive, and her sex education work includes a past two-year stint as a sex worker. She now dedicates most of her time to her healing practice and teaching workshops/seminars, all while never taking herself too seriously. 

Find out more about Atia:


Dee's journey as a yogini was birthed when a wise suggestion from her beloved inspired her to drop out of a maddening graduate-school career, and pursue a new path as a yoga teacher. Leaving behind an academic, and disembodied study of sexuality, (and a half-finished thesis on women and porn), Dee entered an immersive teacher-training at Sananda Devi, in Toronto, a comprehensive system of hatha yoga rooted in the tantric tradition of Swami Satyananda. 

Some of Dee’s projects have been designing a course called ‘Radical Perspectives of Sexuality’ at the Anarchist Free University, leading classes such as ‘Sacred Sexuality: What it is and how to experience it,’ and ‘Sexi Flex: Yoga to awaken sexual energy.’ When not teaching yoga (Nude, Ganja-enhanced, and Tantric Hatha Restorative), couples come to her ‘Bliss Den’ for three-hour long private tantra workshops (pants on!), and she hosted the first Follow Your Bliss Sex & Consciousness Experiential Symposium in October 2011. 

Dee has been leading workshops and classes since 2008, and she shares a synthesis of the teachings she has received from the Sananda teacher-training, sacred-sexual practices that she's found expansive, work at a sexual-assault survivor’s support line, and her general curiosity and zany, open nature. 

Connect with Dee:

Sacred Sexuality Tuesdays ~ with Atia Marie & Dee Dussault
Every week, 7:15-9:00pm
SpiritWind Internal Arts, 64 Oxford street, at Augusta (above Urban Herbivore)
Love Exchange: $20 ~ attend 5 nights in 2 months, get one night free!

~ Ladies, your first class is pay-what-you-wish!

Sacred Sexuality Tuesdays are weekly workshop-oriented evenings designed for all levels of experience, as well as all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship-statuses. In a safe and fun environment, we will explore topics and themes from all realms of sexual, sensual, and spiritual living. Come alone or bring a friend, it doesn't matter. At each of our Sacred Sexuality Tuesday classes, will explore extremely empowering boundary-setting practices, ~ exercises to help us to become aware of, explore, communicate, and find agreements related to our boundaries. We also create space for plenty of educational, informational, and most importantly, experiential play-time, guided by the theme or topic of the evening. Please email Dee to find out more or learn this week's theme, or join our meetup or facebook group, the theme is listed each week.

Monthly Sensual Love & Intimacy Gatherings ~ with Atia Marie & Dee
2nd Saturday of each month, 6:30-9:30pm
Location disclosed when you email to say you're coming
Love Exchange: $50 for two people, $35 for one man, $20 for one woman

Monthly Sensual Love & Intimacy Gatherings are a time and space to foster a community of people who already practice expanding their hearts while integrating sensuality, sexuality, and conscious sacred living. Monthly Sensual Love & Intimacy Gatherings will be drawing on themes of the 3-5 previous Sacred Sexuality Tuesdays that come before each monthly gathering, and will allow us to deepen our practice, expand our hearts and get to know our bodies and others more intimately. This is why attending at least two Sacred Sexuality Tuesdays, private Follow Your Bliss Workshops with Dee, or private Sexual Awakening Centre workshops with Atia are required within the six week period leading up to any Sensual Love & Intimacy Gathering. Groups will be limited to 20 people. Monthly gatherings will always be led by Dee or Atia but may also include our Sacred Sexuality Tuesday guest-teachers from time to time.

Ganja Yoga ~ with Dee Dussault
The last Thursday of each month, 7:30-9:30pm
Loft404 ~ 263 Adelaide st. W unit 404
Love Exchange: $20

Ganja Yoga is cannabis-enhanced yoga (bring your own), for all levels. Restorative-style yoga is particularly great for those who are less flexible or experienced with yoga, as the emphasis is not on how the pose looks, but rather on how it feels to you. All of my classes are great for any body; if you’re anxious about joining a class, please know it’s a very internal, meditative experience, usually everyone has their eyes-closed. Ganja helps to facilitate that relaxation. Some of the meditations are more intermediate, but I always give beginner-level variations. And, if you are an advanced practitioner, the asana (poses) I offer might be 'easier' than what you are used to, but ganja encourages you to feel them in a new, juicy way. Thus, the class is just as suited to a serious yogi as it is to a newbie.