Private Hatha Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are a great way to begin or deepen a personal yoga practice.

I focus on individual and small group lessons because I believe that personal commitment to your progress is done most essentially in an atmosphere where you feel comfortable to explore and learn.

Is your goal strength, balance, or flexibility? Recovery from an injury?

Perhaps it’s stress-relief, improved sleep, spiritual development, or blissful experiences.

Whatever your reason for practicing yoga, private classes provide the perfect environment meeting your yoga goals. My speciality is slow, intentional movements ( restorative and yin-style hatha), with an emphasis on the energetic and meditative side of yoga.

In these private and semi-private lessons, the space is yours to:

~ Receive personalized instruction, and custom, hands-on adjustments

~ Experience a program that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and preferences

~ Enjoy the convenience of having a class that suits your schedule and location

This is how you get the absolute most out of each lesson.


Types of Private Yoga Classes

~ You can come alone for a completely private lesson, which is good if you have specific health issues that you wish to address through yoga therapy, or if you simply prefer practicing one-on-one.

~ You can bring a friend or partner for a shared class (2 students). Primarily a solo-experience, shared classes can include partner-poses, which add fun and intimacy to the experience. I can tailor the shared classes to meet the specific needs of you and your partner/friend, and I always adjust each pose for people who have different abilities.

~ Semi-private group classes (max 4 students) are still private lessons. While not as custom as the purely private lessons, semi-private group classes take place at a time and in a space of your own choosing, and I create a program that benefits each student. While there is less personal attention than in a one-on-one class, students get more individual attention than they would at an open-class, while enjoying the social aspect that group lessons offer. Instead of going to a studio where you don’t know the other people, and where you have no control over what you learn, you can organize your own private group lesson with your friends and family. These lessons are designed with alternative poses to suit students of different age, fitness, and skill levels.

Private Class Prices - up to four students

($20/student extra for more than five)

One 75-minute lesson:
Weekdays, 9am-6pm ~ $65
Evenings + Weekends ~ $80

Five lessons

Weekdays, 9am-6pm ~ $50
Evenings + Weekends
~ $65 per class

Ten lessons

Weekdays, 9am-6pm ~ $35
Evenings + Weekends
~ $50

Private Classes are held at 'The Bliss Den' - 50 Camden street, Toronto, or add $20/class for me to come to your location. NOTE: If a man is interested in private yoga, I require a consultation in public before-hand. Because I also teach many sexual types of spiritual yoga, and get emails from men looking for more than I offer, please note that I only teach men hatha yoga (not Tantric Yoga or anything related to nudity or sexuality), unless the man is a regular yoga student, has come to several of my other events, and his application approved. Please message me for more info.


"Dee is a caring, delightful and gentle teacher. I took her mature woman classes and she was patient and creative - when one move wouldn't work due to joint damage or other health problems, she would try another position and come up with one that worked. I felt a lot more energy after her classes and began finding pleasure for the first time in 'everyday' things like breathing and stretching. She is also a very joyous person."

 - Penny


"Since beginning yoga classes with Dee, I have benefited immensely in my whole well being, mentally and physically. Her incredible strong voice which guides you, step by step through each pose, and makes everything so effortless." 

 - May Ling Leong


"Dee is a compassionate and perceptive yoga instructor who is able to understand my readiness as a student so that I learn at a pace that stretches my capacity without injury. She is also wise in matters of the progress of spiritual awakening. She is my teacher in many things."

 - Terry Walker


"I never regret making the effort to get on the subway and make my way to Dee's place for an hour and a half of yoga. Dee is a gentle, positive teacher who encourages you to be in touch with your own body. I feel wonderfully relaxed after a yoga session." 

 - Gini Reimer


"Dee is an authentic yoga teacher who truly lives her practice. She has an intuitive gift for tailoring her classes for who shows up. – I have been challenged, relaxed, and invigorated, always leaving with a feeling that my body got exactly what it needed!"

 - Annahid Dashtgard