Lending Library

The lending library exists so that we can share even more of our resources with one another. In abundance, I offer all of my podcasts, audio CDs, books, and movies on loan, and I hope that people who use Follow Your Bliss will be inspired to do the same.

To join the lending library, there is a refundable $30 deposit (for any lost books), renewable each year, OR a donation of five books (or CDs, DVDs, audio-recordings, etc.) that fit with the vibe of Follow Your Bliss.

Combined with my personal materials and donations, which will be available on-site, members of the lending library are encouraged to offer all of their resources to other members for loan. However, instead of leaving materials all at my central library (which is small!), all interested lending-library members are asked to email me a list of all materials that they are willing to lend (along with a description, if possible).

This works like a commune, where we all contribute on faith that others will do the same. At first, you need to take an hour or so to peruse your selection of books, movies, and podcasts, type them up and send the list to me, and I'll add these materials to the catalogue. Then, if someone wants to borrow your collection of Alan Watts audio recordings, they reserve it, and you bring it the next time you visit Follow Your Bliss. Then I email the borrower to let them know it's available for pick-up. All materials will be available for a 3-week loan. If something gets lost or stolen, I use the $30 from the deposit to repay the person who owned the item. It requires a lot of trust, but I have faith that people who visit Bliss will be good.

The lending library is only available to Follow Your Bliss members.

If you'd like to join the lending library, please email me so I can start updating the catalogue.