Private Playshops for Couples

Treat your beloved (or friends!) with a private, one-of-a-kind, customized sacred-sexuality workshop.

Designed for one or two couples, these three-hour long private workshops are a great way to learn more about the aspects of Tantra, Conscious Loving, and Sacred Sexuality that interest you the most! They are different every time, and are catered to each client's interest, experience, and comfort level.



I create a safe space, and a fun learning environment.

My workshops are designed to enhance your experience of being alive, to allow you to slow down and appreciate your partner or your self in a new way, to offer a safe container for exploration, play, healing, and discovery, and to deepen your connection and strengthen your intimacy.

Some of them are focused on the spiritual aspect of tantra ~ giving you opportunities to realize the divine in your lover, taking you to a space where love-making becomes prayer.

Some of them are focused on the more pragmatic aspects of conscious sexuality ~ providing you with communication tools and intimacy-building techniques which will take your relationship to a deeper place.

Some of them are focused on the sexual aspects of tantra ~ teaching you and your honey to build and share energy, and to enhance your sexual sensitivity and response.

Some of them are a mixture of all three, which are all One.

Each private workshop ("playshop") is unique. Before you arrive, you tell me your interests, experience-level, and desires, and I create a set of exercises and experiences that will take you on a journey to greater intimacy, play, and connection with your partner.

My workshops are non-intimidating, safe, and very relaxed in vibe.

What would you like to focus on?

In the spirit of play, I offer you sacred space and inspiring ideas for you and your beloved to explore....


~ the history/philosophy/practical applications of tantra ~


~ rituals ~

~ tantric touch (clothing-on) ~

~ tantric meditations ~

~ communication practices to deepen intimacy ~

~ chakras & the energy body ~

~ energy orgasm ~

~ tantric genital massage (theory) ~

~ ejaculation & orgasm (theory) ~

~ partner yoga for connection and fun ~


~ manifesting our intentions (vision boarding + sex magick) ~


Choose one of the above, all of them, or as many as you'd like!

Just let me know, upon booking, what aspects you would most like to learn about and experience.


Note: All workshops are hands-on (your hands, not mine). They are experiental.
They are also clothing-on, and focus on non-genital stimulation.


Private Tantra Rates:

One three-hour play-shop:


$90 for one couple*

$60 per couple if you bring another couple    


OR: Keep Your Practice Alive! ... Indulge in four play-shops, over the course of a year!


$60 for one couple (per session)

$40 per couple if you bring another couple (per session)

* Or Single woman; Or a single man I have met personally on several occasions, with an approved application.


For more information, or to book your first session, email Dee ~


Private Tantra Testimonials: 

MMMM, delicious!  This is a 4 course meal with several helpings of dessert....  my partner and I really loved working with Dee!  She's a perfect facilitator, blending a playfulness with juicy info and all while being gorgeously professional.  This bumped our intimate life up several notches as Dee helped us communicate and play around with our desires, needs and creative understanding of the tantra lifesyle.  From the bottom of my root chakra- thank you! - Vanya 

Dee is a true delight and a genuine spirit.  Her knowledge of Tantra and the warm and welcoming environment in which she teaches her private workshops leaves you with a better understanding of Tantra -both sexual and not- and gives you tools to take home to further explore with your partner.  Dee has a gift for creating a sacred, non-judgemntal, open space which has always made my partner and I feel comfortable in opening up with one another and allowing us to take away from our session the knowledge and techniques in which to better understand ourselves and one-another sexually.  We have been fortunate enough to have been guided through several private workshops with Dee and think she is a wonderful, gentle soul who truly understands the meaning of Tantra and energy and how to invite them into our lives with awareness and understanding.  - Megan

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your workshop. I didn't expect it to be so fun! I was relieved that it was non-threatening and that I felt very relaxed, even though it challenged some of my boundaries, including ones that I didn't know I had! I'm really looking forward to trying some of the techniques I learned! Thank you! - D.   


My husband and I attended Dee's workshop a few weeks back. I've been meaning to write and just thank you for that experience. It has helped make a big difference for us - we feel closer, more intimate, more open with each other, and we're having BETTER sex.....something long waited for, we just didn't know where to start. Thank You!!!! - Erin

Dee created an environment of trust.  She made me feel comfortable given my newness to the practice of Tantra.  Important when its new to you. She also answered any questions I had without judgement in a warm and friendly environment.  As far as my experience with her, I would definitely consider taking another workshop with her. - Lydia

Dee is very skilled at creating an honouring and safe environment for people at various levels of comfort to engage the exercises and expand themselves. – Sherap