Friends of Bliss

Community Partners that Follow Your Bliss endorses!

* Aangen Community Centre.
Aangen is the Sanskrit word for the front yard of a home where community members gather to give each other comfort, support, and nurturing. Aangen is a non-profit Community Centre that provides educational workshops that are easily affordable and promote self-reliance, independence, and community-building. I have been affiliated with Aangen for four years, and I led my first sacred sexuality workshops from this space!


* Anarres Natural Health.
Let the Revolution begin in your senses! - Tracey TieF's centre for natural health includes the following treatments: aromatherapy, qi stone therapy, Thai and lymphatic body work, reflexology, reiki, polarity and qi drop therapy, chakra balancing, and hypnotherapy. Tracey offers workshops on health, and wholistic healing, as well as activism, the production of wholesome health and beauty products, environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic, and more! - She really makes her products and services accessible to all through pay-what-you-can-afford days, barter, and negotiation. All while maintaining high ethical and environmental standards. Amazing!


* Ashleigh Larratt

Ashleigh is a highly-regarded reiki practitioner, and the treatments I have had with her have been nurturing and beautiful. For those that haven't tried it, reiki is said to be the energy that flows through everything, everywhere. “Rei” means “sacred” and “ki” means universal energy (also understood as Prana, Chi, Ki, The Field, Light, Love, God, Your Grandmother, whatever you want to call it…). As a certified Usui Reiki Master, Ashleigh channels an enhanced flow of
this energy from the environment to you as she places her hands above areas of your body that she sense are energy deficient and/or require rebalancing. Clients may feel tingling, pleasant warmth, or coolness as physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages are gently released. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It’s also a perfect compliment to all other medical and therapeutic techniques, relieving side effects and promoting recovery for every malady. After session, Ashleight's clients report feeling decreased pain, increased vitality, and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Ashleigh says, "I am a healer as much as you are a healer."


* Ayurvedic Touch: The Andrea Olivera Centre for Ayurveda.
Andrea integrates ancient Vedic principles of spirituality, psychology, and healing into her luxurious customized spa treatments. She was my Ayurveda teacher, and I highly recommend that you take a course or receive a treatment with her. She brings Ayurveda – the science of life – into contemporary urban life.

Andrea Olivera:,

* Gary Justice REVsound music and meditation

Gary and I became friends through Follow Your Bliss. He leads amazing sound and vocal explorations and meditations, and is a warm, amazing person to be around and work with.


* I AM YOU: Align. Design. Shine.
Salimah Kassim-Lakha is a Ten-Body Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Toronto. For Salimah, love of life involves commitment, courage, movement and service. Her work includes Energy Medicine, Space Healing, and Laughter Yoga. Her Yoga for Prosperity course propelled Follow Your Bliss into reality. I highly recommend it!


* Karim H. Ismail
Karim’s two-day workshop helped me to define and refine my goals. He doesn’t believe that any of my dreams are too ambitious. He’s supportive, authentic, and full of energy. Creating my life blueprint with him helped me to see what I want and what I need to do go get it. His workshop is one of the main reasons why I took the leap of faith and started Follow Your Bliss!


* Loft 404/The Ambrosia Hub
Loft 404 is an exquisit urban oasis! A trendy, bohemian, amazing loft space at Adelaide and Richmond, the owner, Genna Bauder has created an 'Alice in Wonderland' of sensual delights. Perfect for your gathering, office party, theatrical performance, movie screening, book signing, yoga class, birthday party, this charismatic space is one of the most unique, warm, beautiful places I have ever been. The owner, Ms Genna Bauder has created the whole thing on her own, and is successfully running one of the coolest venues in town! Contact her to book this hub of inspiration, relaxation, connection, and expression!


* Melanie Ollenberg
Through 'Kore Changes', Melanie offers palmistry readings, workplace wellness, and reiki. Her palmistry sessions are a way of bearing witness and translating the journey as it shifts. Rather than professing what is to come, this framework of palmistry works with our power to make changes in our energetics, thoughts, and actions - and therefore make changes in our health, satisfaction, and ideas-made-manifest. From this framework, clients witness how their hand changes with the choices that they make. A session involves taking a computer scan of the palm, and discusses health, transformational events, career options, satisfaction and purpose/ direction in life. Melanie was one of the first practitioners to see clients at Follow Your Bliss and she is a grounded, gifted healer and collaborator.


* Sananda: One Love. The Art of Yoga and Self-Evolution.
Sananda recognizes and honours the Divine in each individual and supports the impulse of Personal Spiritual Awakening and Unfoldment of Higher Consciousness as the means to Planetary Healing and Transformation. The aim of Sananda is to provide Teachings, Counselling, Healing, and Support, merging both Eastern and Western Sacred Teachings and Art Forms to transform Humanity's Life Patterns of Separation and Suffering into Universality and Equanimity. ~ I did my Yoga Teacher Training at Sananda with Ananda Shakti Saraswati, who encourages her students to embody “Bhuktimuktikarnika,” or enlightenment through experience. If you're considering a Yoga Teacher Training course, or would like to receive your Core Pattern (past life) reading, I highly recommend that you contact Xenia.

Ananda Shakti:,

* Stephen D'Amico
Stephen is a modern teacher of enlightenment who experienced a complete awakening at age 22. He shares the reality of his experience and offers his presence and guidance freely to all. I have been attending events with Stephen for a few years, and I find him to be one of the most authentic and gifted spiritual teachers that I have encountered.


* Urban Nirvana
Urban Nirvana is a new thai massage and yoga studio, located at Yonge near Davenport. I manage the movement centre (yoga, pilates, fitness, dance, etc.). The space has a calm, authentic thai vibe, and the classes showcase an ecclectic mix of talented teachers and offerings. All new students can attend their first two weeks of class for just $20.

* Virtu-Tech

If you're looking to create a website to promote your yoga or healing arts, my partner's brother's company makes amazing, easy-to-update websites (just like this one!) Their rates are reasonable, and he is offering a discount for anyone who mentions 'Follow Your Bliss!'

Please visit or send a mail to for more information!