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Holistic Healing at Affordable Prices!

Chair Massage with Jess

Jess is offering chair massages in the 'Follow Your Bliss' space. These massages are a combination of a variety of standard techniques brought together in a routine that's about 20 minutes long and is done with the client sitting, fully clothed, in a massage chair. Jess is certified as a Chair Massage Practitioner, and is now also starting to learn about Energy Healing so she will be able to incorporate this awareness to some extent into her massages. 

First-time sessions will be 50% off at $15. Subsequent sessions are $30 each
Please contact her by email ( to book a session.

Palmistry with Melanie

Palmistry sessions are a way of bearing witness and translating the journey as it shifts. Rather than professing what is to come, this framework of palmistry works with our power to make changes in our energetics, thoughts, and actions - and therefore make changes in our health, satisfaction, and ideas-made-manifest. From this framework, clients witness how their hand changes with the choices that they make. A session involves taking a computer scan of the palm, and discusses health, transformational events, career options, satisfaction and purpose / direction in life. It also includes a translation of types and degrees of stresses, personality characteristics, energy levels in different areas of life, and protective / threatening patterns in one's orbit.

$80; Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:30am, pre-booking required.
Please email Melanie at

Reiki sessions with Ashleigh

Reiki flows through everything, everywhere. “Rei” means “sacred” and “ki” means universal energy (also understood as Prana, Chi, Ki, The Field, Light, Love, God, Your Grandmother, whatever you want to call it…). As a certified Usui Reiki Master I channel an enhanced flow of
this energy from the environment to you as I place my hands above areas of your body that I sense are energy deficient and/or require rebalancing. During our treatment, where you rest fully clothed in a savasana-like position, you may feel tingling, pleasant warmth, or coolness as physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages are gently released. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It’s also a perfect compliment to all other medical and therapeutic techniques, relieving side effects and promoting recovery for every malady. After our session, recipients report feeling decreased pain, increased vitality, and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. I am a healer as much as you are a healer.

$75 per hour
Please email Ashleigh at or visit for more information.

Reiki Sessions with Melanie

The session opens with a smudge (purification), stated intention, and grounding meditation. Clients then relax under the weight of a lavender eye pillow, and let go into an energy that transcends space and time. Reiki is a natural healing that draws the energy required by the body to release, activate, and transform the energy of the physical and etheric bodies. Hands do not touch the body, but hover, amplifying the life force and honing our natural inclination to health and balance. Healing occurs on many levels, and is entirely individualized, depending on what the person requesting the healing needs and is ready for. These can include: mental and emotional healing, protection, purification, clearing and balancing; healing relationship problems and the issues that stem from them; Healing emotional or mental distress such as nervousness, fear, depression, anger, and sadness; Enhancing the effectiveness of affirmations, causing them to enter more deeply into the subconscious and manifest the results you desire more quickly; Healing karmic patterns or tendencies that have manifested as dis-ease in the body or that have resulted in mental or emotional pain or distress - past or present, near or far. The session closes with a gentle return to the room, and the sharing of fruit.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:30am, pre-booking required.
$80; Please email Melanie to set up an appointment.

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