Bliss Blog

I do intend to start a blog about Follow Your Bliss!
In the mean time, enjoy this poem, written by a woman I did my yoga teacher training with..


The camelian mind moves to the sway of the camelian body
Hips slide  in the smooth and steady movement of the whims of the day
You are the daughter of the moon
Every essence of your being dips and swoons, slowly moving across the hall like a lizard, the great temptress

You hold the dewdrops of the night sky in your palms, and let them cascade out slowly like fairy dust over our heads

You are the enchanter, the enticer of the divine will
You are the daughter of the moon and the lover of the sun
You have the universal pair wrapped around you ring finger as the eternal wedding band
You possess the power of the universe and carry it so gentling like gold bracelets decorating your wrists

You are the keeper of the secret and you are the secret
You are the glimmer of light at dusk before the sun sets
You are the morning rain slipping and bathing the soil anticipating your fingers to slip inside

You stand in robes of velvet gold and green on top of the yellow lotus

Your voice like a whirlwind of stilled illumination cascades and seeps into our bones

We are your eternal lovers
We will never and have never left you as you have never left our eyes
Continue to dance and play, containing the riches of the world in your palms and sprinkling the world with your essence of abundant sensual fire

You are the eternal flame
You are held like a holy candle by us all with a flame flickering with passionate honesty

                                                                                                            - by Roxanne