About Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss is Yoga. It's Tantra, and the other sacred-sexual arts and experiences. It's Community. It's Food. It's Gatherings. Journeys. Beautiful people. Intentional living.
Bliss is Life.

Follow Your Bliss is not a yoga studio. It's a space-less space; an attitude of abundance at the majesty of being alive. I often collaborate with wonderful and awesome healers, community-leaders, and teachers, and I myself am a yogini, teacher, event host, community bridge... and perhaps a bit of a visionary.

; )

I love sharing time with others who yearn for experiences of depth and bliss.

Words from community...
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"What an INCREDIBLE vision you have made manifest!  I'm in awe. Your policies and practices are cutting edge, community oriented and accessible. I think I have been waiting to witness something like this for a very long time. Thank you, Dee, for following your bliss. It has helped bolster my commitment to follow my own.

 Many thanks and Blessings." - Tabitha

"Thank YOU, Dee, for putting this wicktastic event together!!! It was so fantastically awesome, so much fun, and so healing on many levels. I love how that mind of yours works and comes up with all of these great ideas, so thank you for making this happen!!!" - Andrew

"I think it's great to know that you're out there community-building and following that voice of creative certainty..." - Bhish

"I wanted to share with you that Im learning more and more about who you are just from your newsletters. It’s the little comments and statements that let others in as well as which services and classes you offer that allow people (me) to get to know who you are and how you’re evolving. Perhaps even you are finding that Follow Your Bliss is becoming something you never quite imagined but just somehow knew ….would be. I feel the beauty, honesty, playfulness and love with everything you give. As you have shared the meaning with me ….I cross my heart charka and offer a  Namaste to you. Colours and twinkles!!" - Lisa


"Thank you so much for creating the space you did (and do!), I know what a personal experience it is... you literally hold the space inside your own being and energy, and your energy determines the people and the experience. So let me say you have a beautiful and radiant being (as you attract such beautiful and radiant people!)."

- Michael

"Happy thanksgiving to you Dee!  And especially gratitude to you for really getting out there and stimulating some wide-open conscious activity." - Gary

"Dee is a gracious, sensitive and accommodating host for presenting and promoting your holistic and creative events. Her network is enthusiastic, expansive and really worth tapping into. Thanks Again Dee!"  - Jeffrey

"Dee, Thanks again for the tantra workshop on Friday night. It was lovely to meet you and a few other blessed people in your community... What you are doing out of your home is really inspiring and exciting. Plus, bringing the sacred into ganja was a beautiful thing!! Thank you for sharing your presence, your passion and your place!"

- Michael

"It felt so nice to really connect with people and celebrate Life in the sacred space you have created." - Andrew

"Congratulations on everything Dee!!! You're flowing. You're needed. Thanks so much for being you, being here, simply being. I see wonderful things for you
and the path you glide on." - Mark

"Love to you. Thanks for all the organizing and facilitating. You spread the word like butter on toast." - Ari-Paul

"Thanks again for the special evening. Your work as a yogini is very much appreciated." - Stuart

"Dee, You really are becoming a clearing house for all the spiritual workers in the GTA! Love and best regards." - Michael

"I love what you are doing - you are an inspiration to humankind : )
om shanti!" - Jillian

"Thanks again for organizing the weekend. It was incredible on many levels. There are so many things I admire and love about you Dee - your openness, your generosity, your brilliance, your ability to trust and go with the flow… it really is such a pleasure to know you doll… I have taken away so much from that weekend and look forward to connecting further." - Amanda

"Thank you so so so much for being, and for doing what you do the way you do. The world needs it, and you are doing a fabulous job. Agape!" - Michael

"Thank you Dee for opening your doors to a magnitude of energy last nite! I felt so rejuvenated and realize I had been needing that! I hope you continue braving these tender topics and I will be there for each and every one! Much love and gratitude for your household." - Taylor

"Dear Dee, what a beautiful message!! You know I think all these wonderful things coming together for you, and that you're celebrating, are just part of the new cosmos, the new reality, that we're moving into. At least for those who've done some of their homework over the years and over the lifetimes, I think it's going to just keep being magnificent and mind-blowing. The challenge will be just allowing so much bliss without being blown apart! But it's wonderful to be passing it on, as you're doing, to all those around you with so much grace and enthusiasm. I'm really impressed!!"

- Arnold

"Just wanted to drop a line saying that was an awesome party! Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and much appreciated! It was such a productive evening and I'm happy we're all coming together in our own ways to collaborate and co-create our future. Namaste." - UJ

"Wonderful work Dee! You are indeed a pioneer Luminous Warrior breaking the path for others to follow. Bless your beautiful soul!" - Azra

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(In no particular order....)

Monthly New Moon Soiree

The Science of Cannabis

Sound Explorations with Cello Chanting

Belly Dancing

Making Your Own Mojo Oils for Embodiment and Ecstasy

Partner Yoga with Wine & Chocolates

Feel Good and Heal Yourself with Self-Shiatsu

Ecstatic Consciousness, Ecstatic Life: A Two-hour Workshop

Spring Feng Shui Event

The Luscious Feminine - Monthly Women's Circle

Evolver Toronto: 'Rites of Passage' & 'Education' Spore

The Dance of Water & Fire

Tantric Breathing and Energy Building

Spring Healing Arts Fair

Path of the Sexual Shaman: Films and Energetic Ceremonies

Terrence McKenna gathering

Harvest of Healing Arts (Autumn Health Fair)

Follow Your Bliss: A Workshop With Hyppno-Experience

Working With Chakra Energy Level 1 & 2

MDMA-Enhanced Yoga

Revising Canada's Healthcare: The Rise of Preventative Medicine

Feeling Da Rhythm! – Yoga & Drumming Party

FYB’s First Art Exhibit!

Yoga In Action

En-Chanting Chakra Balancing Chanting / Druming/Didging + Ommm. Circle!

Wednesday Monthly Meditation

Beginners course in Meditation

Ganja Yoga

Palmistry and the Elements

Yin Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls

Soul Tending: Jung, Shamanism, and the Alchemy of Personal Development

Non-Toxic Woman

Connect & Heal with the Angels

Yoga & Palmistry for Women

Sacred Sex: What it is and how to experience it

Yoga with Crystal Bowls

Be Your Healthiest, Most-Environmentally-Friendly, Most-Life-Enhancing-Self!

Warming Thai-Massage, Pranic-Healing, and Restorative Yoga Class film Screening: 2012 - TIME FOR CHANGE

Healing Through Theatre: An empowering & participatory playshop

Palmistry Foundations - Melanie

A New Earth: Awaken to Your Life’s Purpose, A 10-Week Study Group

Yoga for Prosperity

SHEN (Sound-Healing-Energy) Performance

Explore the Law of Attraction workshop

”Mystical Misfits” talk

4/20 & Freedom Fest-Yoga Classes

Aum Class with Cello Chanting

Moving into Bliss workshop

Friday Afternoon Intensive: A Monthly Mini-Retreat

Ecstatic Consciousness, Ecstatic Intimacy: Workshop for Couples

Mantra Chanting to Appreciate Your Life

Slow-Yoga with Live Cello Accompaniment

‘Sita Sings the Blues’ Movie Party! 


Earth. Air. Water. Fire. - Understand, Embody, & Express Your Element!

Gathering Possibilities - collaging workshops

Learn to do the Didgeridoo

Core Yoga - Explorations in Sound and Movement

Strategic Visioning (Hypnotism Workshop & Practice)

Introduction to Urban Spirituality

Brahma Muhurta (Sunrise Yoga) at Radiolaria

An Introduction to Astrology

Ecstatic Consciousness, Ecstatic Sex

Monthly Alan watts meetup

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, for Beginners

Revealing Light: The Convergence of Science & Spirituality, and the
Implications for Our Lives

Heart-Opening Yoga & Reiki