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My bliss is to create sacred spaces which inspire people to fully experience the majesty of  life, ~ co-creating a world of bliss and joy.

For this reason, I call my teachings, community offerings, and gatherings, 'Follow Your Bliss'. 


... Follow Your Bliss is a hub and resource for yoga, sacred sexuality, and healing-arts in Toronto.

As a teacher, I offer my experience, passion, and curiosity in yoga, tantra, and sacred sexuality. As an event host, I collaborate with a range of holistic practitioners and community leaders to design uniquely-blissful experiences for each student, client, and community member who visits this site.


Follow Your Bliss.

Practice. Experience. Connect. Remember your divinity.

In traditional hatha yoga tradition, I encourage my private and group-yoga students to cultivate slow, intentional movements and meditative awareness in each posture. My speciality includes: restorative-style yoga, leading meditation, yoga for sex, and tantric energy breath. I also facilitate intimate ganja-enhanced yoga experiences (once-monthly in a public venue, and privately for small groups). All of my classes are manifestations of the hatha-yoga tradition, which is a comprehensive system of yogic practices used as a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness and spiritual unfoldment.


We have an unlimited potential for ecstatic bliss-states inside of us. I invite couples or women to ‘the bliss den’ (a cute nook in my home), for three-hour long private tantra and sacred sexuality workshops, where we can focus on breathing, movement, sounding, yoga asana (postures), intimacy-building, emotional exploration and expression, and more. I also lead weekly 'Sacred Sexuality Tuedsays' and monthly 'Sensual Love and Intimacy Gatherings.' The purpose of these educational and experiential sessions is to provide a safe container for you to unify your sexuality with your spirituality. There's lots of ways this can look. I'm available to teach Sacred Sexuality workshops or Yoga for Sex classes privately to couples, single women, queer folks, and men I've met personally and who have attended several events and have an approved application. I would be happy to come lead exercises at your gathering! 

Life ... is the rest of it. Holistic-health parties. Community gatherings. Consciousness-enhancing events. Discussion circles. Entheogenic journeys. Music. Sex. Dance. Food. Play. Love.

We have lots of ways to plug into the online community and keep abreast of what's going on. Find us on meetup, facebook, twitter, youtube, or receive emails from Follow Your Bliss by joining our google-group ~ all listed on the contact page, above..

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